my 3rd year film. i thot it might be neat to document a lot of the stuff im working on for it since so much of the stuff i draw tends to get deleted/lost... i miss having a blog and i doubt too many ppl r actually reading this lol. at least i can feel like im actually getting somewhere with this if i can scream into the void a little bit

    most recent animatic (7/21)

    (8/12) finished this shot

    (7/30) concept stuff still trying to figure this out spent all day messing around w this shot but idk

    (7/25) finally trying to break down this shot and ended up reanimating most of it.. still feel like most of my lipsync is fucked and the expressions here a bit too goofy IDK. mightve all been a waste LOL

    (7/23) these poor clay models lol. i used the wrong type of resin and they became really gross and sticky and full of cat hair and fell apart. i gave them a good scrubbing and it does seem to be doing better...

    emergency superglue rubber band surgery